GoAdmin is a data visualization management platform, providing a complete set of visual ui calls to golang programs, and a built-in sql relational database management backend plugin. Before we build a management backend, we needed at least one back office engineer, a front-end engineer, to take at least a week. Now with GoAdmin, we don't need front-end engineers. Our back-end engineers don't even need to know the front-end knowledge. We can build a complete back-end management system in half an hour. If your requirements are not complicated, just simple crud, then all you need are serveral golang files, and all files can be packaged into a single binary file, which is very convenient for distribution and deployment.

here is very simple example which show you how it work: https://github.com/GoAdminGroup/example


  • Build-in RBAC Access Authentication System

  • Support most web framework

  • Support plug-ins(working on it)

  • Provided different ui theme(only Adminlte now, others are coming soon.)







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